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EnviroControl Creating A Happier Environment
We offer a variety of services to improve and maintain the health of your business and home, inside and out!


Residential Services

homeEnviro Control is a licensed provider of pest control and lawncare services. From protecting your home of pests to ensuring landscape health, our technicians are licensed and trained to provide the highest quality of service.

Commercial Services

commercialOur Company is trained and equipped to create a pest-free work environment for your employees and customers. We also provide commercial lawn services to improve and maintain the appearance of your landscape.


assessmentOur Horicultural specialists are able to identify your specific needs through different methods of scrutiny. Identifying your specific needs allows for a targeted approach to your needs, saving time and money. Contact Us today to get your detailed assessment.

Pest and Horicultural Solutions

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and were voted amongst the top 5 pest control companies in Arizona

In 2005, EnviroControl was opened for business. Although our expertise originally began in landscape weed and pest management, it has grown to include a broad range of additional services such as specialty fertilizers, plant growth regulators, tree injection services, tree pruning & tree management, and soil testing & soil conditioning. We have also extended our expertise to include serving clients with general pest management services such as scorpions, rodents, insects, and spiders.

Our Vision

The vision has broadened over the years, and in 2011, EnviroControl has coined the term “Property Health Management”. Property Health Management is meant to encompass the principles of Integrated Pest Management (indoors and outdoors), the responsible use of fertilizers, and plant pathology. What you end up with is the health management of your entire property.

Our Customers

Our clientele benefits from accessing our services directly, or more commonly by offering as a service extension to their own clients. EnviroControl uses the most advanced equipment and technology to support the delivery range of our services. Our company has grown steadily to now operating a large fleet of trucks and smaller utility vehicles, serving a diverse range of clients. Examples of our clients include Home Owners, Landscapers, Resorts, Golf Courses, HOAs, Construction Companies, Schools & Municipalities, Office Buildings, and Nurseries.

Why EnviroControl?

 - Our team is committed to finding the right solutions for our clients.

 - We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to assess your specific risks & needs, and treat accordingly.

 - We are committed to providing a range of tailored & flexible General Pest & Termite service options designed to create a plan that suits your needs.

 - We invest in the best people and equipment to deliver high value work to our clients.

 - We specialize in both landscape & property health, and are fully trained & equipped to deal with the complete range of plant & pest related issues.